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ChaosPro is an MDI multithreaded fractal generator. It is based on 24 bit and can create truecolor
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Martin Pfingstl
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8 September 2001

Editor's review

Have you ever felt like a real goat among high-intellect-possessing people? Sounds rude, but that’s the way I feel sometimes when I try to work with some really well-performed, but incredibly complicated programs. I call them “professional”, but this professionalism doesn’t concern any part of my own education. Sorry.
ChaosPro may concern a part of yours, so, I suppose, it will be interesting for you to get acquainted with this program’s functions first of all. Let’ start. “ChaosPro is a fractal generator using "multi windowing" and "multi threading", i.e. you can calculate several fractals at the same time in different windows. It can read most of FractInt's and UltraFractals parameter, palette and formula files, supporting many of FractInt's fractal types as well as UltraFractal formulas (transformations, formulas, colorings). ChaosPro is able to create animations by using keyframes”. Is it enough? I’ll bet it is. So, dear fractal engineers, you’re welcome. I sincerely advise you to have fun with this cool, really nice program. It has a simple, MS Paint-like looking interface and good ergonomics. But, unfortunately, it’s too hard to start your “fractal” life with this program, which, besides, requires Win98.

Publisher's description

ChaosPro is a MDI fractal generator using "multi threading".
It is completely based on 24 bit. ChaosPro can read FractInt and UltraFractal parameter, palette and formula files, and is supporting many of FractInt's fractal types as well as UltraFractal formulas.
The program lets you write your own formulas in a language similar to C/C++. A built in compiler speeds up the fractal calculation.
It has support for layers (similar to Photoshop), has alpha channel support (even per pixel), and thus lets you combine fractals and coloring formulas to build new fractals.
ChaosPro is able to create animations by using a keyframing technique, allowing to animate almost every parameter.
It lets you 3D transform a 2D fractal (height fields) and supports 3D fractals directly (Quaternions).
Version 3.02
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